Important Dates

January 12th, 2016:

“PioneersProductions” Becomes “EGS Productions” / “EGSworld” Is Launched On YouTube

February 15th, 2012:

Harmony Ingram’s Death

March 12th, 1983:

Emily Breaks Up With Alex Gebhart

March 13th, 1983:

Alex Gebhart's Death

March 14th, 1987:

“Mackenzie West Day” [Mackenzie West’s Birthday]

April 06th, 2014:

The HQ Soundtrack Version “Remember” Surfaced Online)

June 7th:

“Andrew Blaze Day”

June 8th, 2015:

Andrew Blaze, Rachael Shadows, and Sidney Secor’s Death

June 9th, 2008:

Birth of the “PioneersProductions” YouTube Channel

June 12th, 1994:

Celesta Reynolds’ Death

July 29th, 2014:

Froggy’s Death

September 17th, 1992:

Andrew Blaze's Birthday

September 21st:

Ember Appreciation Day

October 27th, 1995:

Matilda Ramsey’s “Death”

October 28th, 2004:

Matthew Murray and Josh Lynch Disappear