In the squad lurks more than just recruited human souls. Harpies are one of the most feared creatures that the "EGS" has on their side. Little is known about how they became allies of the squad, but they are notorious for viciously attacking their victims with their razor sharp talon feet. They have been known to aid the Recruiter ghosts by stealing souls from Earth. While they may scavenge the world for suitable souls, they also have the tendency to attack the unsuspecting public in remote areas. There are circumstances where a Harpy may kill a human who ventures to close to their area; sometimes sending them to an eternal underworld. All souls are fair game, although they typically seek out the young. The appearance of a Harpy ghost varies. Some are quite beautiful, while others are hideous and decrepit. All Harpies have a pair of wings that are positioned either on their backs, attached to their arms, or fused with their arms. They wear ancient jewelry along with popular squad accessories, such as the choker. Harpies are mostly immune to emotions and only care about their missions. It is extremely rare for one to let a potential victim be set free, or without a fight to the death.