"Abyss" is the final episode in the "Finale" series, and the final production under "PioneersProductions" before the change to "EGS Productions". Although technically part of the series, "Absolution" is the true finale to the series. "Abyss" is littered with mysterious imagery. The voice over drives the episode with cassette audio from "EGS Tapes"; giving an early glimpse of "Andrew Blaze". There is no indication of what time period the episode is set in.


- "Abyss" is the fastest production under "PioneersProductions" in the last 5+ years; totaling only a mere 23 hours between shooting and the finished cut.

- "Abyss" was an unplanned episode and in effect has added fuel to the what seemed "concluded" series.

- Andrew goes 1 minute and 14 seconds without blinking as he is panned out of frame.

- Andrew strokes the Frog and Whale in the exact spot where his life ends in "Absolution".

- "Abyss" is the now the third episode in the series without an originally composed score ("Amnesia Rape", "The Search For Remember").

- "Abyss" was released only 4 days before the one year anniversary of "Absolution"; ending a year long drought of "Prologue Series" episodes.

- Andrew is wearing the same attire that was worn in "Absolution".

- "Abyss" is the first "PioneersProductions" video within a video, with the use of "EGS Tapes".

- "Abyss" holds the record for latest recording session; ending at 3:32am on January 08, 2016.

- "Abyss" stands alone compared to the previous episodes with its layered visual style. The direction of the episode was all decided on in post-production.

- "Abyss" is the shortest episode in the "Finale Series"; totaling 4 minutes 02 seconds.

- Only one shot is repeated throughout the episode.

- "Abyss" is the only video in the series that was unscripted.