The "PioneersProductions Finale Series" (Originally titled the "EGS Prologue Series") was a YouTube mini series based on a recruit's final year of life . The focus of the series was Randy's deteriorating mind. It was never intended to become a saga. Although it is related to "EGS" there is no mention of the squad in any of the episodes. The series consisted of six episodes: Amnesia Rape, The Search For Remember, Extinction, Resurrection, Absolution, and Abyss. In his final years of life Randy was aided by ghost squad recruit, Ember Florez. The series had little to no animation. The series was a combination of previous "PioneersProductions" episodes and dark symbolism.

After a box of weights fall on his head, Randy is tied to a chair with a significant loss of memory. He is petrified when he finds two inanimate toys physically interacting and talking to him (Froggy and Whale; original "PioneersProductions" characters from 2010 - 2015). Whale rapes Randy as Froggy films the action; only feet away. After regaining his memory and beating up the two creatures, Randy assumes that the footage was erased. The remainder of the series focuses on betrayal, rage, depression, regrets, and acceptance. Randy learns the valuable lesson of not realizing what you have until its gone, realizing who he truly is, and learns to let go of the past and move onto an inevitable endeavor of joining the "EGS". The series originally ran for a year until a 9 month hiatus ensued between "Absolution" and "Curtain Call / Welcome to the Squad". "Absolution" was intended to be the series finale, and future productions were going to consist of mostly animation. After 9 months of trying to animate the series, the two planned sequels were scrapped and left unfinished ("Curtain Call / Welcome to the Squad"). In December 2015, a true sequel to "Absolution" was released; "Abyss".

The "Finale Series" was the final production under the name "PioneersProductions"; a YouTube channel that ran from June 09, 2008 - January 2016. As of January 12, 2016, "PioneersProductions" is now "EGS Productions". Although the saga was unintentionally written as an "EGS" series, it is one of the main reasons why "EGS" exists. These live action episodes sparked the idea to start a fully animated series dedicated to the ghost squad and their stories. The "Finale" series is drastically different compared to the modern "EGS" material, and won't make much sense unless you were a fan of the earlier "PioneersProductions" content. Although the animation is terrible, each episode has something different to offer. "Amnesia Rape" consists of dark humor, "The Search For Remember" is purely based on cheesy comedy, "Extinction" dives into the madness of Randy's mind and is full of suspense and gore, "Resurrection" gives insight on the story and has it's fair share of suspenseful moments, "Absolution" goes for the feels and brings everything full circle, while "Abyss" shows an early glimpse of "Andrew Blaze".