The Search For Remember

The video opens with a back story on the song, "Remember". After believing that the track will never surface in high quality, Randy plans to end his life. After tying a rope around his neck, the high quality track begins to play out of the corner of his ear. Froggy is shown with the track playing on a laptop. Randy explodes with excitement. This is short lived as Froggy refuses to hand over the track. He claims that he is the only one who has the track and explains that the song is on a website with an IP address that changes every five seconds.

Froggy takes off running; Randy follows. They eventually end up at a swamp with Froggy on the ledge; laptop in hand. Froggy throws the laptop into the water, drowning the song. Randy falls to his knees in heartbreak. After stumbling back inside, he trips and lands on a butcher knife. Froggy appears over his face. Suddenly, Randy awakes from what is believed to be a nightmare. He turns on his computer to find the high quality track on YouTube. The video cuts to black as Randy sits there speechless.

This video is the oddball of the series, which puts it up for debate as to whether it really happened or not. It is believed that the events really occurred. Just before Randy died, Ember performed a spell to heal him. He awakes in his bed and assumes that it was all a dream.


- This is the second episode in the EGS Saga.

- This is the most viewed video in the EGS Saga.

- The high quality soundtrack version of "Remember" was found shortly after 1am on the morning of April 06, 2014. Filming took place on April 07, 2014.

- The singer of "Remember", Robbyn Kirmssé, published the high quality soundtrack version of the song on her website for her resumé. To this day, this has been the only known website that this song has been posted on (until it's discovery in April 2014).

- For 9 1/2 years, a degraded mono mix of "Remember" was the only version available on the Internet. It is believed that the high quality soundtrack version was on Robbyn Kirmssé's website for 4 years (2010 - 2014).

- Robbyn Kirmssé, saw the video on May 06, 2014. She helped shine light on the unanswered questions that have lingered about this track for the last decade.

- YouTuber "SmileForTheGhost" is credited with discovering the track on Robbyn Kirmssé's website. For years, websites led the fan base to believe that Robin Kimissel was the song's singer. He tried playing around with the name and eventually was led to Robbyn Kirmssé. He commented a link to the track on "WorthlessToaster's", "Remember Music Video". "WorthlessToaster" (Randy's secret channel) was the first one to upload the high quality soundtrack version of the song on YouTube. With it being nearly a year after its original upload, this video currently has the most views out of any of the high quality soundtrack videos with 216,000+ views.

- Randy unintentionally checked "WorthlessToaster" that morning to discover the song was found.

- Finding this song aided in the making of the "PioneersProductions Anthology" and EGS Saga series.

- This is the last true comedic sketch video on "PioneersProductions".

- Rain was not intended to be in the video. Rain started to fall right on cue during filming. Digital rain was added in post-production to add to the atmosphere.

- This is the most rushed sketch video in "PioneersProductions" history.

- A film light is visible behind Randy just before he takes off running after Froggy.

- Randy never takes the rope off for the entire video.