Welcome to the Squad


Andrew leads the trio into her old room where the two toys lay lifeless in her closet. Andrew casts a spell in an attempt to resurrect the two toys but seems to fail. Suddenly Froggy comes back to life and is scared beyond belief. Froggy ends up being recruited to the ghost squad and instantly falls to the floor. Having never stood on two legs before Froggy becomes a walking train wreck, also breaking a nail during the fall. Unfortunately for the Whale his soul remained stuck in another dimension. The four ghosts leave Earth with Andrew in tears and the Whale's lifeless corpse left in the closet.

"Welcome to the Squad" was originally a double episode premier for the "EGS" series ("Welcome to the Squad" and "Curtain Call"). Animation started in late Spring 2015 and would last until October. The episode was a combination of live video with animation. It was originally intended to relate to the "PioneersProductions" EGS Prologue' series ('PioneersProductions Finale Series'), meaning it only pertained to "PioneersProductions" fans, whereas "Curtain Call" was meant for all audiences. "Welcome to the Squad" gives viewers a brief overview of the "EGS" in the opening sequence while Andrew Blaze narrates and appears frequently throughout. Andrew Blaze, Celesta Reynolds, and Allegro Grave travel back to Earth in an attempt to resurrect the lost souls of the two inanimate objects from the 'PioneersProductions Finale Series' finale, "Absolution" (Froggy and Whale).

The episode was never fully animated for both halves. The animation style itself was drastically different, with characters having buggier eyes and sloppy outlines. It would be the second to last production under "PioneersProductions" before switching over to "EGS Productions".