Celesta EGS Tapes

Sun 28 Feb 2016 09∶33∶04

Today was the worst fucking day of my life. I hate everything. Just…FUCK…EVERYTHING…..I’m so over Morrison High; everyone there’s a total joke. Today I overheard two girls talking about who they had crushes on. I’ve known ‘em my whole life; Ashley and Robin. Robin’s a total weirdo who won’t say anything unless she’s around her friends. Like, seriously? You’re such a fucking loser. One day she poured a tray of spaghetti down my shirt to impress her friends. Everyone within a thirty foot radius saw it. It was horrible. They all..just…laughed…and didn’t hold back….What a cunt bitch…I was seriously just minding my own business and sketching in my notebook, and BAM, bitch ruins my top for half the damn day. Ashley……GOOD…LORD…..The less I say about her, the better. I swear one of these days I’m gonna snap and slit her throat while she sleeps. She’s trying to steal Justin from me. Back the hell off you stupid slut! He’s MINE! You don’t look at HIM! You don’t touch HIM! You don’t even THINK about HIM! Ten bucks and my left tit says you seduce him for a week and kick him to the curb……(LONG PAUSE)……..I………HATE….High school…..Morrison High is filled with nothing but jocks and careless egotistical assholes. I’m going to burn that school to the ground; mark my words….Me and Justin are gonna vandalize the walls later this week. It’s gonna rule. I should totally, like, immortalize Ashley on that wall. I’ll layer that shit so many times that it’ll remain on that surface until 3025. When future Morrison students walk through those doors they will remember how big of a fucking whore Ashley was. You’re the reason why I shoot every day, you bitch! Do you know why I don’t have many friends? Because no one gives a shit about me. I tried being nice once; I fucking…hated it! And the worst part is, no one understands me! The teachers are always too busy looking at their useless books to even see how mentally and physically destroyed I am. They don’t even realize how much dope I shoot. I’m..DYING..RIGHT..IN..FRONT..OF..YOU! And you don’t SEE THAT??! Justin..is LITERALLY..the ONLY ONE who cares about me. I have dreams too you know! All you fags are doing is crushing them! Justin and my notebook are all I got! I don’t give a shit about anything anymore. I tried..I really tried. But the gloves are off. Ashley’s getting her shit immortalized in spray paint!