Curtain Call (Original Script)

Mon 02 Mar 2015 21∶43∶32


VO - We’ve all been there….in that dark place inside our minds where we question everything to the slightest detail…where we question our faith in the afterlife…we all pass through this world trying to figure out our identities, what we like, what we don’t like, who we trust, who we despise. In the end, it’s meaningless. This isn’t a place full of sunshine and rainbows..this is the abyss of your inevitable mistakes. You’re sent here to do more than’re sent here to pay the price for being spliced between both good and evil. Time is not of the essence. I’ve been here for nearly quarter of a century, yet it feels like hours. We don’t operate like you do. We feel no physical pain or starvation, but the mental pain of hopelessness. You’re given the answers to your ever so important questions, but it does little to comfort you. It’s a test. Every squad has a method of detox, well this is theirs. EGS breaks you until you’re fixed. It’s not a matter of by choice, but by fate. We’re all destined to be recruited on the other side. Some of us know well before our end. I’ve known since I was 18, a common age of understanding what’s been locked away in your mind since you were first created. They say god takes away young souls because of their purity..ohh no..nooo…(alsost under breath), that’s a squad recruiting their newest member. This is not a cult, this is your calling. It’s kind of like being split into different houses based on your traits.


SEPTEMBER 2014 RADIO - “Never! Never! Don’t give up those dreams!” (song ends) You’re listening to 99.9 FM. I’m Kurt Stephens, thank you for joining me on this lovely Friday afternoon. That was “Never! Never!”, the first hit single by Send Request. Their newest single “Over and Out” has already made it’s way into the top 100 for this week. The little group from Nanticoke has really got their mojo workin’. For those who don’t remember, the band’s recent success is largely because of a series of paranormal events that took place during a show recording in March of 2014. The show went viral on YouTube and that catapulted the band to stardom. Although they agree that the show helped get them to where they are today, they also think it was because of their talented song writing.

Ember - To think, you filmed them before they were famous.

Randy - Yeah, I have no idea how a small town group like that could make it big.

Ember - Yeah ya do.

Randy - Wh-what, because of that? Nah..they’re great song writers. “I Quit”, “Comeback Song”, “Never Never”, with songs like that, how could you not get somewhere?

Ember - Randy, it was an internet sensation. It was trending on Twitter for fucks sake.

Randy - never told me that.

Ember - Uhh, yeah, I did. Don’t you remember?

Randy - No..I don’t….Andrew said they got there from iTune sales.

Ember - Because of the fucking clip, hellooo?? \_/ (arms)

Randy - There’s something you’re not telling me…

Ember - What else is there to say? Don’t yo-..wait… :O


Ember comes into frame and blows “dust” (particles) into Randy’s face.

Ember - That should help you sleep…lord knows you need it more than ever.

Ember - Holy shit….

Randy stares and puts hands up (like ?)

Ember - I..kinda..uh, wiped a portion of your memory… (guilty look)

Randy - You, WHAT??!

Ember - Sorryy…

Randy - I never knew you could do that.

Ember - Yeah, neither did I.

Randy - So what the hell happened? I haven’t seen the show since I helped film it.

Ember - Well..let’s just say that I had a lending hand….

CUT TO Randy is putting on his jacket.

Ember - Where are you going?

Randy - I’m heading up the campus to film a band for their television station.

Ember - A..BAND?

Randy - Yeah, they’re supposedly really good. Might even be the next big thing.

Ember - I’m going with you.

Randy - ..y-you’re kidding right?

Ember - Aww come onnn! Music’s my specialty, remember? pun intended.

Randy - I can’t walk into a recording studio with a ghost floating next to me.

Ember - You seem to be forgetting something.

Randy - Yeah? What’s that?

Ember - I can only be seen when I want to be seen.

Randy - (pauses)….ughh..alright. But you can’t be seen, okay? I can’t afford to blow this. I only have a month until I graduate.

Ember - (Randy turns and puts on jacket, camera zooms from him on right to Ember in the background left) Thank you, thank you! You won’t regret this!


Ember - I can’t thank you enough for letting me tag along.

Randy - What was I gonna say, no? You would’ve flown anyway.

Ember - I just wanted to make ya feel guilty. ;)

Randy - Heh..

Ember - So tell me about these guys. Do you know anything about them?

Randy - You know what I don’t. My brother mentioned them not too long ago but I’ve never heard any of their stuff. Apparently they’re pretty good.

Ember - I’m interested in hearing this generation’s idea of “good” music.

Randy - Honestly, it’s shit. Everything today is either shitty rap or heavily autotuned ass.

Ember - Auto..tune?

Randy - It’s a way of digitally altering your vocals to hit notes that you can’t hit with your voice…there’s only a few decent singers out there nowadays. Everyone’s a studio band anymore.

Ember - Wow..that’s lame! >:(

Randy - Yeah, a lot’s changed since the 80s. I mean, it’s not ALL like that. There are still some talented artists these days.

Ember - Who’s this?

Randy - Oh..that?..heh-heh (guilty)…don’t ask. (You’re So Out)

(Audio - (black) Andrew! Shut up!)

“MARCH 31, 2014” (“This song’s called ‘I Quit!’”)

(Opening titles on bottom portion of screen)

My Last Confession (shadow glides across the stage, Andrew points ‘did you see that?’) Comeback Song (Go Pro Falls)
Ghostly fog on the floor?


Randy - Alright, that does it. I’m gonna lock my camera down. Meet me backstage, NOW.


Randy brings Ember into the stage hall

Randy - What the hell are you doing??

Ember - Come on Randy, let me have a little fun!

Randy - Your fun is ruining the recording!

Ember - Oh please, it’s completely harmless. And the band seems to be enjoying it.

Randy - When that fog crawled toward the stage, did you see the look on Derek’s face? I thought he was gonna shit himself!

Ember - Randy, relax. I haven’t been on a stage in over 30 years. You could at least level with me here. ~_~

Randy - Whatever..just..tone it down, okay? I really like these guys and I don’t want their careers to be remembered for a ghost tampering with a good performance.

Ember - Tampering? If anything I’m making it better! Andrew looked like a kid in a candy store. He’s a sweetie.

Randy - Stay away from him…

Ember - What’s so wrong with a little competition?

Randy - Whaatt?..wait a minute..YOU’RE jealous! (points)

Ember - *scoffs* Jealous? Of them? (hand sways)

Randy - heh, yeah. I mean, it’s pretty obvious. You’re pissed that they have a shot at fame whereas you don’t.

Ember - You know, if I wasn’t your ally, I’d throw you off a bridge.

Randy - Hey, I’m just sayin’! No need to get your panties in a wad over a punk rock group that’s far from being famous.

Ember - *ugh* It’s not the fame. Music is a powerful thing, Randy. So powerful, it hurts. I was destined to be a rock star, and I won’t let these punks stand in my way! (exits)

Randy - …….man…..fuck…..

Randy returns to the camera.


- *Shot smiling at the band (while manning camera)*

- *Fog shot of looking down*

- Shot of just looking around (preparing for something to happen from Ember)

- My Last Confession

- Shot leaving the camera to meet Ember in the backstage hall.

Comeback Song (Take 01)

Andrew - “This one’s called Comeback Song.” (use from soundtrack)

- *Wide-eyed look* “She turned the fucking volume down…” (Comeback Song Take 01)

Ember - His guitar too, not just the vocals.

(anger glares at Ember)…

During the song - Randy glares to the left (Ember in the background) “You’re so dead…” Ember - ha, good one >:)

Randy - Fix it! Now! (thoughts)

Ember - And ruin a good recording? He probably won’t even notice.

Andrew - I just realized my volume was off for like half that song.

Derek - We’ll probably have to do that again.

Randy glares at Ember


Froggy - Randy? Who are you talking to?

Randy - I..uh..I’m just talking to myself.

Froggy - Well that’s kinda odd to talk to yourself in that kind of way.

Randy - Come on..listen to who you’re questioning here…I’m as weird as they come.

Froggy - O-okay thenn….well, I’ll be on Netflix…I just hope you have some marbles left in that noggin of yours…


Ember - Soo, when are you gonna carry out the deed?

Randy - When the time is right…I’m not there…not quite yet…

Ember - You know, the longer you put this off the more painful it’s gonna be.

Randy - That’s easy for you to say. You never had to kill anything before.

Ember - All I’m saying is this is like a band-aid stuck to your skin. The longer you wait to take it off, the more painful it’s gonna be. But remove it fast, sure it’ll sting for a while, but it’s over and done with. It’s up to you. (It’s your call)