EGS 01

Sun 10 Jan 2016 08∶45∶06

RECRUITER - What is it about life that makes you suffer…? We all have our moments of happiness…but we also all have our moments of sadness…You humans pass through life trying to find not only yourselves, but your sense of direction. In the end, what remains? A lifeless..empty…cold corpse…Filled with nothing but the memories that you have created from the day you were born, to the day that you died. There are various types of souls in the world of “Earth”. We seek the lost causes, the depressed, the suicidal, the weak, and the gifted. We are the “EGS”. We are eternal and full of over 100,000 precious souls.

I am a recruiter. I gather lost souls for this squad. Some are planned in advance….while others are in spur of the moment….No soul is useless. We seek those who will not only fit our system, but serve us in an inevitable eternal war against all that is matter. Your life traits reflect on your spectral form. Your talents are retained, while your scars are magnified. Watch your back, as we lurk in the shadows of your every day life. One day, you just might get a visit from one of us….