Exhume Me??

Mon 26 Sep 2016 05∶24∶34

Mackenzie returns to her grave to find her body parts scattered in her casket.

Opening shot of night sky.
M and A are floating across frame.

Mackenzie - Thanks for coming with me this time, Andrew. It’s always depressing coming back here alone.

Andrew - Anything for you, Mackenzie. Is this like a yearly thing or what?

Mackenzie - I make it a point to come back here every Fall; usually late October. I don’t know…it’s just become a tradition…

Andrew - Is that you over there..?

Mackenzie - Yeah righ-…oh my goddess!

Mackenzie’s grave is dug up and lazily covered over.

Andrew - Grave robbers??! (overhead shot)

Mackenzie - Who…would do such a thing…? (hands up to face, not over eyes)

Andrew - I don’t know (hands on hips) but we gotta see what’s under there.

Mackenzie - Andrew……no….

Andrew - M, we have to. I know you’re uneasy around corpses but they can’t hurt you.

Mackenzie - N-no..Andrew don’t!

Andrew MOVES the dirt with a spell
First person POV looking up from grave’s POV.

Andrew - …..Holy sh…Holy..SHIT….

Mackenzie - ….What…? (upset)

Andrew - You don’t wanna hear this but….we have a necrophiliac on our hands…
(extends letter directly into frame)
“Even in death you’re still just as warm and sweet as you were tied up in my basement”

Mackenzie faints.

Mackenzie on the ground
Mackenzie - Andrew…do you ever look at yourself in the mirror…?

Andrew - More than I should.

Mackenzie - (sigh)…I just don’t understand why we’re here….Why are we damned to spend eternity in this squad? Why did I have to die like that??!

Andrew - Mackenzie…I know you’re still confused..but I promise you…I won’t rest until I find the fucker who did this to you…

Mackenzie - ….okay….

Andrew - Let’s get out of here before somebody sees us…

ackenzie peers down into the grave with tears in her eyes; hands together.

Camera pans down into the grave.