"West borough High Massacre" Mini Series Script "Sidney's Death"

Mon 29 May 2017 15∶07∶12

Video opens with Sidney reading a book in the library. Gun shots are soon audible. She accidentally gets in the line of fire.

Sidney - Hahaha Hitler farted in a chamber and killed a bunch of people? The fuck did he eat to pull that shit off? You'd probably pass out from just touchin' his butthole.


Sidney's eyes grow big.

Cuts to shot outside of school (Anymore)

Andrew - Get ready to fucking die you worthless cunts!

Rachael - Jared!!! Where the fuck are you, Jared??! I swear to goddess I'm going to disembowel you until your insides are as bare as the inevitable wound inside of your fucking forehead! (Rachel Hodge hiding under table?)


(Camera still on Sidney)
Andrew - Rachael, you fucking moron, you gotta be quiet. We're near a fucking library!

Rachael - Sorry Andrew, let me tone it DOWN a NOTCH! *SHOOTS*

BOTH - Wooo!!! Yeah!!!

Rachael - Who's the bitch now, Jennifer?!

Andrew - (whispers) Rachael.. (points at girl sitting with back turned to them out of the corner of the bookshelf) EAT LED AND DROP DEAD!

(Close up of gun firing)

*SHOOTS Sidney* (half her head is blown off)

Sidney - AGHHHH!!!!

Rachael - Oh shit...

Andrew - (Smiling) What?

Rachael looks at Andrew and back again.

Andrew - ..S..Sidney...?


Sidney - ...Nice shooting..soldier...

Andrew - Sidney, I'm so sorry! I never meant to hurt you!

Rachael - Andrew, let's keep moving before the cops show up!

Sidney - I hope they bring donuts...I'm fucking starving....and....freezing..

Rachael - Sidney, do you know what I could do to you right now?

Sidney - Blow my head off? (Richard Head)

Andrew - Sid, if you see Ember..Just..thank her for me, okay? And tell her I did my best.

Rachael - Do you really think Ember's gonna want HER? She's as dumb as a post.

Sidney - Andrew..I never got the chance to say "thank you"...

Andrew - (teary eyed) Thank you?...For what..?

Sidney - For giving this hideous freak a friend....

*PAUSE* *THEY BOTH SMILE AT EACH OTHER CALMLY* (eye lids half covering eyes)

Sidney remains motionless as blood pours out of her mouth and nose.

Rachael - Awww, someone made a friend....Too bad you'll forever remain dimensions apart. Hahaha

Andrew - Lets go!

Rachael - That's the spirit. (exits to the right)